What does writing bring you?

This was the question that I was asked this week and it’s one that I’ve not been asked before and I thought it was interesting. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a writer, I’ve been writing manuscript length books since a teenager and I don’t know how to not have this in my life.

I think when I was a teenager, writing offered an escape from the world. I hated high school and was often bullied and it wasn’t an environment I could thrive in, so when I wasn’t at school, I was writing and creating worlds that I could escape into. This probably saved me on more than one occasion as things got worse.

My teenage self tapping away on an old Windows computer (yes kids, this is what computers used to look like!)

Now as an adult, I write because it’s a passion. It’s the thing that makes me who I am and I love the creative process and disappearing into worlds that are mine until they are shared. I also write, because it’s my way of expressing myself. I’m not the best talker and writing helps me figure out the world. Writing allows for exploration and understanding and opens me up to new ideas and thoughts that I may not have otherwise had.

So, I will always be a writer, and in 2020 I want to dedicate more of my life back to this because it gives me joy in a way nothing else quite has.

If you’re a writer, why do you write?

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