Writing Again

We’re ten days into Nanowrimo, the month where writers around the world try and write 50,000 words in a month. I’ve participated before in this and won, but this year I just wanted to be writing again.

While I have a third book to write in the Genesis Project, my focus has shifted to contemporary fiction and I have started not one but two projects. One’s about gang crime and cultural exploration (and is a YA – whoop!), while the other is a LGBT+ love story set in the West End.

London has been influencing my writing lately, with its history and many possibilities for stories. I’m sure I’ll finish my sci-fi trilogy at some point, but the thought of finishing it was stopping me from writing completely and so now I’m just happy to be writing anything.

While I’ve finally been putting pen to paper, I’ve also been getting through a lot of books, I’m almost at twenty for the year, which is a good average for me. My reading has swerved through genres this year but I am enjoying what I’m picking up.

Plans for 2020 are well underway, and I’m trying to put my love for creativity and books into the centre of what I do. Here’s hoping for creativity and more fun going forward!

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