A Writer’s Life

It’s been a while…okay a long while. I published my second book earlier this year and then have just kind of…stalled. I guess life took over, I went on medication that changed how my brain works a little so now I create in a different way and it feels like it takes longer and I’m trying to work out what to do with this little writing life of mine.

A change in genre

I start writing sci-fi and when I first started I enjoyed it and loved what I was creating. I still have one book left in the Genesis Project to write but I can’t seem to get started on it. My first love has always been literary fiction, lyrical prose and telling stories with heart. What I’m writing just didn’t feel like that. I want to get better at my craft rather than publish for the sake of publishing. I want to tell stories that are deeper than just a genre story. But I also want to write entertaining stories, memorable characters and more. There ARE too many routes, and just like my life, it’s hard to pick just one!!

Content Creating

I’ve always loved content and this has increased lately. I’m wanting to double down on content and build brands that tell stories outside of fiction. This has led me to think that being a writer doesn’t just have to be confined to fiction writing, it can be any type of writing that is an expression of something. So while I’m not churning out books, I am still creating in other ways and that’s important.

Health and Life

My wellbeing has been much better this year than it has been previously, a combination of meds, personal development, spiritual exploration and good people in my life have all contributed. I’m still working a full-time day job in a different field to what I was originally in, but I have goals for 2020 that are exciting and I am feeling like I’m finally ready to start re-embracing life again.

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