Series: The Genesis Project

Book One: Sixth Extinction

In a broken world, alien forces are on the rise to wipe out the human race in the sixth extinction. A race of genetically altered humans is the world’s only way to survive but they are being hunted and targeted by their own government as secrets and lies to the American people begin to unfold.

Kit Valletta and Evie Fox get swept up in the war that will change the face of a generation, but when the vow to restore America to the nation it once was, they enter a deadly battle as they try and save their country from falling into the grasp of a President determined to kill them all.

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Book Two: Redux

They were created by a world who didn’t want them. Now they’ll have to fight to survive.

They’ve survived the unthinkable, but for Kit Valletta and Evie Fox, the fight is just beginning. As America begins to enter a new era, they’re having to prepare for the ultimate battle that will determine the fate of Genics across the country. With new allies, the quest for freedom looks closer than ever, but when they have to go up against their biggest enemy, it will take everything Kit and Evie have to lead America into a new future.

In this gripping sequel find out how Kit and Evie’s story unfolds and if they’ll be able to survive in a world that was never meant for them.

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