Book Review: Midnight Riot, Rivers of London Series

The Rivers of London series is what would happen if Harry Potter was an adult in the police force. This book introduces the character of Peter Grant, a man who recently discovers that magic exists and that there’s a whole other side to London that he never knew.

This book cleverly weaves together a traditional crime novel with elements of fantasy. The characters are rich and a true voice of London. The author Ben Arronovitch doesn’t shy away from the realities of crime and what it’s like to fight crime. He also weaves in a new fantastical world that feels like it could be real.

Humour is used throughout the book as a way of dealing with the strange things that Peter finds himself facing. The tone is very British which makes it unique in this genre.

If you’re looking for a unique fantasy novel that utilises the crime genre as well, then this series could be for you. I read this book through Audible and the narration really added to the story, the accents and music helped set the scene and drew you in.



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