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Hobby vs Hustle

I’ve just finished writing my second book, which took a year and a half to write. By indie standards, this is an incredibly long time between books, but by traditional publishing standards, this is more normal. The indie publishing community has a lot of methods on how to sell books and get known as an author and one of those is the rapid publishing model where a writer would write two, three or more books and then quickly release them all. I think this is a good approach, but something I know isn’t for me.

I tend to write mostly on the weekends, during the week I work full time and my energy is devoted to my traditional career. In past jobs, I focused more on writing because I wasn’t enjoying the work I was doing and it gave me a sense of purpose my work didn’t give me. Now that I’m in the right career, I think my opinions on being an author have changed. Yes I still want to publish books and write, but I don’t know if I want to do this full time. Writing fiction has always been a hobby, but with the invention of earning money online, it seems that if you have a hobby that can also generate an income, you’re immediately swept up in the notion of having a side hustle that turns your hobby into a profit. Now is it a bad thing if the thing you like also makes you an extra income? Of course not. But should you throw all your spare time and energy into it if you just want to enjoy it and have something on the side that’s for you? Not if you don’t want to. If you want to write as a hobby you shouldn’t feel shame for that, if you want to create an empire and a business then all the best. I’ve swayed between the two and for now I think I’m happy to settle on this being a hobby. It takes off the pressure and means I can do things a little more my own way.

With this site, I’m going back to traditional blogging because that’s what I know. I do want to start a podcast at some point to help enable build a community, but I don’t want to work myself into the ground and have nothing left over to enjoy. Writing is and always will be a part of who I am, it’s just about finding a balance that works going forward.



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