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On Finishing a Book

It’s said there are various energies needed when it comes to writing. At the start of a project there’s a flurry of excitement that spurs the story on, then you get to the sticky middle where you try and work out what’s going on and when you get to the second act you’re rolling to the finish line. However, when it comes to editing, these stages vary. Now I’m not a fan of editing, it’s a very slow process for me and is a reason why it takes me longer than it should to finish projects. But maintaining enthusiasm is the necessary energy needed to get a project finished.

So, after going through all the different stages of writing, finishing my second book feels like an accomplishment that’s long overdue. As I was editing the last chapters, I was reading news about New Zealand, and so it’s hard to feel like celebrating when there’s tragedy unfolding but I am grateful that I have completed another project, that I’ll have another book out and I can start book three.

The third book will be the last in this series and I am looking forward to beginning a new project and going through the cycles of excitement that comes with writing fiction.



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