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They are us.

As I write this, New Zealand is facing it’s darkest day as a terrorist attack has unfolded in Christchurch. This act of violence doesn’t happen in New Zealand, this type of fear isn’t something that is normal in this country. Yet it feels like it is something that is becoming increasingly familiar. New Zealand is a multi-cultural country, it’s built up of numerous nationalities that all call New Zealand home. I am one of those people, I lived in Auckland for six years and identify strongly with Kiwi values and am as much a New Zealander as I am an Englishwoman.

As I read the news, I was working on finishing my second book, where I write about characters living in divided communities, where characters fight to seek equality with others. Art often imitates life, life imitates art. Sometimes there are things that you wish were fiction, but we have to face the reality of the world we now live in.

My heart is with my home. NZ will heal and will be stronger.



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