Reading Round-up: October

Reading has an always will be a primary source of joy for me. I’m moving in a few short weeks and will be inheriting a bookcase where I can finally have a mini-library once more (anyone else think that the scene in Beauty and the Beast where Beast gives Belle the library is one of the most romantic moments in film?….just me?….really?)

I’m not good at tracking my reading and often forget what I’ve read, so I’m now doing monthly roundups and sharing the good and the bad of what I’ve been consuming. 

I’m currently reading through Audible and this is what’s on my list:

Harry Potter – A History of Magic

I’ve started reading this mainly because I’m a Potterhead, but also because I’m thinking about the next series that I want to write that’s going to be in the Urban Fantasy genre. I want to learn more about the supernatural, ghost stories, ancient magic and how I can use it my writing. So far I’m enjoying it and it’s giving me more respect for J.K. Rowling!





Overshare – Rose and Rosie

I’ve watched the Roses on YouTube for years, they were the first YouTubers I think I found who spoke about the LGBTQ+ community and helped me find out more about identity, and see for the first time an alternative relationship to the straight binary. I like their comedy and the book is proving to be an easy listen and a I like listening to it for the comedy and extra stories and life as a millennial LGBTQ+ couple.



Rising Strong – Brene Brown

I’ve mainly been reading a lot of non-fiction this year and really enjoying it, I had seen Brene Brown’s Youtube talk a long time ago, and upon the enthusiasm of a friend, I read her book. It’s got some good nuggets of information on living life wholly and how to overcome obstacles. I think I’ve read better, but this is a good book for anyone who needs it. 

The most memorable quote was “we’re not designed to live this life alone.”

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