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This is #3 of the Blurt Foundation Challenge (which as planned is going to take longer to complete than planned!) 🙂

Life exists like a valley with highs and lows as we navigate our way through what comes our way. Writing can be very similar, we can have moments of high energy when we feel alight with imagination and the words can be flying, we then have the troughs where it feels like a struggle. 

It’s important to find the things that boost our creative energy, for me, I find this comes from getting outside and discovering new places. I’ve recently moved to a new city and through exploring it, I’ve found numerous locations that I want to incorporate into my next series and it’s given me plenty of ideas to pull the story together. 

When these moments happen, it’s such a boost to mental health, the flurry of ideas is like a magic energy and one that every writer I imagine enjoys. 

Also in writing, these boosts happen at major milestones, whether it be reaching our word count for the day, finishing a draft of a book or hitting publish. There’s so many joys that come with writing and publishing that produces a boost to mental wellbeing that it’s a reason why I stick with the craft and want to get better at it.