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This is number 2 on the Blurt Foundation Self-Care-a-thon

There’s no doubt that there’s lots of obstacles in life, some come in the form of road blocks with career progression, others come with relationship issues. Life isn’t supposed to be a simple journey, without obstacles we don’t get the chance to grow and learn more about life and ourselves along the way.

In writing, obstacles also exist. Sometimes it can be working out a storyline, it can be when you sit down to edit and you just-don’t-want-to, or more often than not, we can be our own biggest obstacles. 

In my last post I mentioned how I don’t like talking about my writing in real life – I think this is partly due to imposter-syndrome, not believing that my ideas are any good or that I’m in fact writing something anyone would want to read. I imagine this can be quite common amongst new writers, however, I’ve seen tweets by authors who are multiple books in and still struggle so maybe it’s just the idea of facing criticism for something we’ve worked so hard on that’s the obstacle for sharing. Also, being very British and not wanting to self-indulge in one’s own creation I imagine plays a part.

The nature of publishing as well, can also throw up obstacles, for years there’s been gatekeepers, agents, publishing houses, editors, a whole litany of people who only say ‘yes’ if you tick certain boxes. With the rise of self publishing, this has been taken away and the only obstacle then becomes time, ideas and personal capital when it comes to getting books out into the world. 

For writers on this path, this is an obstacle we feel compelled to overcome, to push against and say that we are going to carry on regardless. I love that even though it’s a tricky route, it’s still one that’s possible. 

And ultimately, that’s the thing with overcoming, the sense of pride, of achievement, of doing something that you thought you couldn’t. Without obstacles we wouldn’t have this feeling at the end of passing through the struggle. That, in the end, makes obstacles we choose to take on worth fighting through.