Monthly Updates

February 2018

February has zipped by in a hot minute and has been full with life events and thankfully some book stuff as well.

Book News

The second edition of Rogue was published a week or so ago, this version includes some extensive edits and rewrites due to how I want the story to evolve. I began writing Redux, and found that I wasn’t writing the best story I could because of storylines that had been laid out in the first book. Rather than abandoning it, I decided to go back and rework and now have a better position to start from. I hope it proves fruitful and I’m glad to now have a book out there that I’m proud of and have learned a few lessons along the way.

Personal Update

Last month I made the decision to move back to the UK after living in New Zealand for just over five years. As you can imagine, moving hemisphere’s has its challenges but I’m meeting them head on and will have everything ready for next month. While there will be inevitably things that I miss about Auckland, I’m looking forward to being based back in Yorkshire. I intend to try and get to as many writing events as possible and rebuild a life in a country that I’ve been away from for so long.

Book Recommendation

My reading has slowed down a lot lately and I need to get back into it. In January I did finish reading J.F. Penn‘s End of Days novel, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good thriller.

Podcast of the month

I’ve recently really been enjoying the News Quiz Extra podcast from BBC Radio 4, it’s a fantastic blend of political humour and very tight jokes, if you like comedy podcasts, be sure to check it out.

And that’s it, I’m going to aim for monthly updates on here so be sure to check back next month to see what I’ve been up to and more recommendations.


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